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Photo Year Data Star Extra
1996' Easter Beagle pushing a green wheelbarrow.
(Pink rabbit ears.)
šššš -
1996' Snoopy wearing rabbit outfit.
(Green bunny suit.)
ššššš -
1996' Snoopy having basket and eggs.
(Pink egg and brown basket.)
ššš -
1996' Snoopy in Easter egg and Woodstock on egg.
(Pink egg.)
ššššš -
1996' Woodstock in Easter egg. ššššš -
1997' Snoopy wearing rabbit outfit.
(Purple bunny suit.)
ššššš -
1997' Snoopy as Easter beagle on roller skates. šššš -
1997' Snoopy Easter beagle pushing a yellow wheelbarrow.
(Green rabbit ears.)
šššš -
1998' Snoopy on egg.
(Purple egg.)
ššššš -
1998' Snoopy putting on bunny slippers.
(Purple slippers.)
šššš -
1998' Snoopy painter.
(Purple beret and light blue shirt and holding yellow egg.)
ššš -
Total 11/23

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Snoopy Come Home
Hee Hee Hee!
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